Erotic massages Prague

Types of massages:

Erotic massage

Erotic massage begins like a classic relaxation massage. The main difference is that the masseuse is fully naked and the massage is performed more intimately and gently focusing on creating an erotic atmosphere.
The masseuse is using her hand, legs, breasts, buttocks and the entire body – ‘body on body’ technique. High-quality non-perfumed, hypoallergenic oils are used. During the massage there is a romantic twilight with scented candles and relaxation music. There are also side mirrors so you can observe the beauty of the masseuse and her technique during Your massage.
(There is nothing more beautiful than the sight on a girl’s perfect body gleaming with oil.)

Erotic massage details:

First the masseuse will friendly welcome You and take You to a room where everything is already prepared for the massage.
She will offer You a drink and tells you all about the massage You have chosen which can be adjusted according to Your wishes (see additional services).At first You will have to take a shower (which can be taken together with Your masseuse). During the shared shower You’ll be pleasantly washed.
After the shower you will be taken back to the room where Your sensual erotic massage will begin (with intimate dim lighting, scented candles and relaxation music.)
First, your body will be put into relaxation mode (gentle touches and scratching with fingernails) followed by spreading warm oil all over Your body and pleasant erotic cuddling. Massage is first conducted in the manner of relaxing massage and gradually develops into erotic one – sexual tension is increasing and massage gradually focuses on Your intimate parts.During the massage, the masseuse uses different erotic techniques and special excitable grips and touches with the help of hands, legs, breasts, and her whole body.All of this is followed by delaying orgasm and finally – orgasm by hands.
The massage is ending with a shared shower.
Erotic massage is not always the same – everyone is treated individually.
You will be leaving with a feeling of total relaxation and satisfaction.

History of erotic massages:

The first mention of erotic massages can be found already in antiquity. They probably originated in ancient India sometimes around the fourth to sixth century AD. Already at that time different scented oils and herbs were used to promote an erotic atmosphere. Mentions can also be found in other ancient civilizations like Greece and Egypt. To the Western world erotic massages came more slowly as well as classic massages, which have their origin in ancient civilizations as well. Already in those days it was well known that by intensive massage and stimulation of erogenous zones it is possible to excite the brain centers that produce so called “Happy hormones”.

Warning :

Erotic massage is not intended as a sexual service.
Kissing, oral sex and classic sex is not included even for a fee.
Proposals like this can be offending and Your massage can end prematurely.
Light ‘surface’ touches are allowed.

Nuru massage

During Your Nuru massage special warm Nuru gel will be applied all over Your body and also the masseuse’s body. This special oil has a ‘gel’ form and is extracted from seaweed and has excellent sliding properties. This is why this massage is sometimes called “wet” or “slippery”. Nuru Gel is a natural, transparent, and completely odorless and causes no skin allergies – on the contrary it softens and nourishes the skin. The whole massage is done using the “body on body” technique – the masseuse will “slip” all over Your body – it is very enjoyable, erotic and exciting. Massage requires perfect synchronization of movements and is very physically demanding for the masseuse. Masseuse Sarka is one of the very ‘few’ who has mastered this technique, and she calls her technique “the crab technique”. This massage has a very strong anti-stress effects. It induces a feeling of comfort, relaxation, tension release and detoxification.

Nuru massage details:

Begins with a shower where Your masseuse washes You nicely and prepare You for the massage. Then You lie down on a comfortable mattress and Your masseuse will apply Nuru gel made from seaweed all over Your body. When used on dry skin, the skin will absorb it, give it nourishment and restore its vitality and flexibility. It makes the skin fresh, relaxed and silky smooth. However, if the gel is then applied to wet skin, the skin becomes incredibly slippery. And that is what Nuru massage is about!
Then the massage is done using the ‘body on body’ technique and it’s very sensual and erotic.

History of nuru massages:

Nuru massage comes from Japan and recently started coming into the western world.
This technique was used in traditional Japanese baths, and is considered a masterpiece of erotic and anti-stress massages.

Soapy massage

Soapy massage is based on traditional Turkish massage. Erotic soapy massage is the European equivalent of Nuru massage. Instead of Nuru gel we use warm foam soap with oil (constantly heated). Masseuse is naked and uses the ‘body on body’ technique (using her whole body).
The feeling when the masseuse runs all over your body while warm bubbles of soap are crackling is unforgettable.

Soapy massage process:

Begins with a shower which can be shared if it is Your wish. Then Your beautiful masseuse will apply warm soapy foam on Your body. The massage is done by using masseuse’s whole body – the ‘body on body’ technique. The massage end with orgasm by using her hands.

History of soapy massages:

Soapy massage is based on traditional Turkish massage which sultans enjoyed in their harems. Turkish soap massage is a type of steam massage which plays in the Middle East still an important role in restoring physical strength.

Penis massage

Penis massage is based on the classic tantric massage ‘lingam’ and its goal is not an immediate orgasm, but experience a sense of excitement as long as possible by delaying orgasm. Then the orgasm is very strong. It is said that this massage is perhaps better than the classic sex. It relieves stress and tension, and thanks to thorough blood circulation it has an excellent health benefits.
Regular massage of the penis improves overall health of the male reproductive organs.

Penis massage process:

Begins with a shower which can be shared (according to Your wishes). During the massage you lie on Your back and masseuse concentrates all the massage techniques on intimate parts. The masseuse uses different techniques for delaying orgasm.
The massage ends with a strong hand culmination.

History of penis massages:

Penis massage is based on the Kamasutra, Tantric and Taoist approach to sex. It was seen as a higher form of meditation and was not associated with the orgasm but especially with experiencing emotions and excitement.

Erotic massage for women

Would You like to experience a real pleasure and a nice unusual experience? Erotic massage is a sensual, fulfilling and relaxing. During the massage You will experience many different emotions, from perfect relaxation of both body and mind, erotic thrill, bliss and a state of ecstasy.
All your worries, stress and daily rush will be gone! Hey! Don’t be shy and come to try this great massage. You won’t regret it! It is an unusual experience which you won’t forget anytime soon :)

Erotic massage for women process:

At the start of each massage You will first take a shared shower with Your masseuse, during which You will relax and all tension will be gone. This massage induces relaxation, stress and tension relief but also pleasure and excitement. You will gain new sexual energy, because our gentle and sensual touching will bring You huge tension relief and will release endorphins, which will bring You joy and happiness!

Erotic massage for couples

A popular gift for the happy moments together in the form of erotic massage. Pamper your bodies and souls together. This is a very popular massage, when a couple comes together, and together they enjoy non-traditional massage to spice up their relationship. The massage takes place in a cozy and romantic atmosphere, inducing a feeling of comfort and security. How about trying something new, different, unusual, slightly spicy, something you will remember for a long time? Take a step out of the line and be original.
EErotic massages for couples are lately gaining popularity so why not to try it? These unique massages are not a perversion as some people might believe. Already in ancient times erotic massages were used for medicinal purposes. Do not hesitate and come with a partner to try this unusual experience. Most erotic massages comes from an Indian massage called Shakti which is great and is an unforgettable extraordinary experience with no negative effects. Touch massage is designed to induce and increase sexual arousal, especially in the erogenous zones of the body and release your inner energy. Your masseuse’s professional hands will pamper and cuddle You all over Your body (all of this accompanied by warm oils, scented candles and romantic relaxing music). This special atmosphere will clear all Your thoughts and induce the right mood.

Lap dance

Lap dance is a kind of erotic contact dance. A masseuse is dressed in sexy lingerie and accompanied by special music You will sit in a chair and enjoy Your exciting seductive lap dance. This is the perfect prelude for any erotic massage. Dance performance takes 10-15 minutes and it’s always done before a massage.

Lap dance History:

Lap dances are still popular and performed in strip clubs. Unlike the better known ‘table dance’ lap dance is more contact – dancer in the dance uses sophisticated friction on different parts of Your body.

This is an additional service for Your massage and cannot be ordered separately.


Footjob is a sexual practice using the feet. Sexy legs of beautiful masseuses rubbing against intimate parts are used to achieve an extraordinary orgasm.
Performed mostly to males.

Footjob Process:

Begins with a shower (which can be shared!).
Then your selected massage will begin.
In the end Your masseuse will use her feet’s to achieve orgasm.

Footjob History:

This sexual technique is well known for a long time worldwide and in European countries as well.

This is an additional service for Your massage and cannot be ordered separately.

Prostate massage

Prostate is one of the most important glands in the male body. Located just above the dam (the place between testicles and anus), at the interface of the rectum and bladder. Prostate is often called as a male G spot. During intense prostate massage orgasm can be achieved (even without stimulation of the penis). Prostate massage has beneficial effects on the overall function of the sexual organs.

Prostate massage process:

It is performed before the massage of Your choice. Lubricated soft latex glove is used (for hygienic reasons).This additional service cannot be used for hygienic reasons during Nuru massage.

History of prostate massage:

Prostate massage is popular in Western countries, but lately it is starting to reach European countries as well.